Mark Malick
Realtor® Vineyard, Winery & Acreage Specialist
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About Me

Mark is an enthusiastic successful Realtor who is uniquely qualified to specialize in Vineyards, Wineries and Acreage Properties in Loudoun and surrounding counties.  Depending on your Vineyard or Winery requirements he may be able to provide service in the entire state of Virginia.  He has been involved in Real Estate for over twenty five years and personally help create a 215 acre Vineyard and Winery Estate in Loudoun County.  As a hands-on Realtor, Mark has the experience and first hand knowledge of the numerous intricacies involved with operating a Vineyard, Winery and larger acreage parcels. 
To properly serve your needs on a potential Vineyard or Winery purchase, Mark will be able to provide insight on;
*Vineyard site selection.  Row orientation, Slope, Soils, Topography & Altitude.
*Vineyard establishment.  Site Design, Preparation, Planting & Trellis systems.
*Growing, Pruning, Training Vines, Irrigation issues & Pond building.
*Grape; Pest, Disease, Insect & Fungus management.  Sprayer calibration.
*Dealing with wildlife like deer and birds.
*Recommended Consultants (and those to avoid) Labor, Training & Education.
*Viticulture vs. Enology.  Vinifera and Hybirds suited for Virginia, Varieties, Clones.
*Land Use Program (legitimate real estate tax reduction) regulatory compliance, BATF/TTB
*The Inside scoop on where to obtain the best deals on tractors, sprayers, fencing, trellis systems, wire, posts, fertilizers, rootstock and related equipment.
*Need-to-know information garnished through years of trial and error.
Mark is the former President and Vice President of the Loudoun Winegrowers Association, and a member of the Virginia Vineyards Association.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture.  He is a former Navy pilot and Airline Captain and current aviation enthusiast with over 12,000 hours of flight time.  He holds two former world records in skydiving.  His hobbies include; Wine tasting (obviously), World travel (over 75 countries/islands), fishing, motorcycles, scuba diving, water skiing, snow skiing, culinary cusine and gardening.  Some of his favorite charities/organizations are; Loudoun County 4H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Hospice, Wolftap Foundation, Loudoun Symphonic Winds, SPCA and animal shelters that save our pets.
If you are seriously contemplating purchasing a vineyard or winery, and want years of knowledge and experience working for you, call Mark to arrange a visit to his family's 215 acre Vineyard/Farm in Loudoun county and get a hands-on feel for what's involved in getting started.  Here's your chance to fulfill your desires and dreams of owning a vineyard or winery.
Quote from Mark
"One of life's greatest simplest pleasures for me is relaxing in my lawn chair on
the dock in our pond with my wife and two Labrador Retrievers, unwinding
with a glass of our wine, while watching the sun set over the vineyard."